The diagram below shows the structure of the work packages that have been developed using a systems engineering process to deliver the S-CODE project.

  • Phase 1 of the project (WP1: Best practices, elicitation of requirements and horizon scanning, and WP2: Overall system architecture and initial high level design) will be used to decompose the high level objectives, and to develop initial radical design concepts.
  • Phase 2 of the project (WP3: Next generation control: monitoring and sensing systems, WP4: Next generation design: materials and components, and WP5: Next Generation kinematic systems: actuators and mechatronics) will focus on the key detailed technical work.
  • Phase 3 (WP6: System integration and concept validation, and WP7: Evaluation, impact and future development) will concentrate on system integration, and preparation for realisation of TD3.2 – Next Generation S&C demonstrator.

Work packages