This phase of the project will mainly address Objectives 1 and 2 by eliciting the key industrial and technical requirements, as well as identifying existing best practice and technologies from other domains that can be exploited to help achieve significant improvements in S&C design.

An architecture for modular design will be developed that will enable different subsystems to be interchanged during the life of a S&C installation. This will allow the subsystems to be developed with some level of independence (different manufacturers, different timescales for upgrade/renewal).

This phase of the project will also consider the design philosophy and develop initial high level conceptual designs for new S&C through the use of horizon scanning techniques, such as back-casting.

  • WP1 – Best practice, elicitation of requirements and horizon scanning
  • WP2 – Overall system architecture and initial high level design

 D1.1 Review of definition, standard operating parameters, best practice and requirements, including future technologies and horizon scanning

 D2.1 High Level Architecture Design Document