The S-CODE project is divided into three phases:

Additionally, work packages WP8 (Dissemination and exploitation of knowledge) and WP9 (Project management) run throughout the project.

The work packages interact, as shown in the figure below. In Phase 1, best (good) practice assessment, requirements elicitation, horizon scanning, architecture development and high level design were undertaken. These produced high level concepts that will be developed into full designs (marked a to d) in Phase 2. In Phase 3, the most promising design concepts from Phase 2 will be taken forward for validation (e.g. WP5 – design a). The validation process will enable evaluation and assessment to be undertaken and final solutions to be integrated (e.g. WP3 – design a, with WP4 – design a, and WP5 – design d).

Overall methodology


The key innovations of the project will be:


The figure below shows the rise in technology readiness level expected in each of these areas through the course of the project.

Technology readiness levels