The benefits will lead to the Shift2Rail TD3.2 expected technical impacts of:

100% capacity increase

Measured by:

  • Improved RAMS performance through novel design of all subsystems (control, design and kinematics systems)
  • Improved travel speeds through S&C
  • Faster switching and locking times

30% reduction in LCC and increased safety

Measured by:

  • Simplification of design
  • Rapid installation that significantly reduces the number of people required during the installation process
  • Significantly reduced maintenance requirements
  • 50% increase in reliability
  • Close to 100% availability
  • Modular architecture to allow modular upgrade/improvement

50% increase in reliability and punctuality

Measured by:

  • Reduced impact of vehicle forces through improved switch design and optimised wheel/rail interface
  • Fault tolerant systems
  • Maintenance free design
  • The development of an S&C immune system for self-healing